Connections Coffee Shop

Connecting Community, Family and Friends
One Cup at a Time

Specialty Coffees, Teas, Home-Baked Breakfasts, Lunchtime Sandwiches And All Day Desserts

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Connections Coffee Shop in Crosby, Texas, serves the East Lake Houston area with a wide range of specialty coffee drinks (espresso, latte, cappuccino, frappes in various flavors), Nitro coffee, iced coffee, varietal teas, Italian sodas, juice and chocolate milk, and more. The basic concept for Connections is that we can improve the life of our community by providing a place where friends, colleagues, students, business people, or small topical groups can meet and share high-quality specialty coffee products, tasty home-made pastries, and breakfast and lunchtime snacks.

Every Cup Counts

Our coffee products include a variety of espresso-based coffee drinks. Espresso is made by forcing hot (but not boiling) water through specially ground coffee to produce small “shots” of very strong coffee. This can be imbibed directly but is also the basis for mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes, of which we have a nice variety to choose from, flavored by our home-made syrups. A specially designed espresso “machine” is required and is a centerpiece for the shop. We also provide drip coffee, always fresh, brewed carefully from freshly ground varietal and blended coffee beans, purchased from the GEVA coffee company of Houston.

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