Connections Coffee Shop

Connecting Community, Family and Friends
One Cup at a Time

We at Connections Coffee Shop would like to hear from you. Why might you want to contact us? Many possibilities come to mind:

  • You might like to know more about coffee and how it can impact your life and would like to see something on our “Coffee Tales” blog. We expect to post a new blog on a question of interest each week and we would like to know what topics are of interest to our customers.


  • You might like to enter our Bad Dad Jokes contest. Once a week, we will award a complimentary cup of our drip coffee to the person who’s Bad Dad Joke is the best one entered. Just put Bad Dad in the subject line and give us your favorite. Please, only one per week. Thanks.


  • You might be interested in working at Connections. As we grow, we anticipate hiring and training a new barista from time to time. Let us know your interest.


  • You might want to contribute your own blog about a coffee topic. Just let us know.


  • You might wish to find us on the map, call us on the phone, or respond to one of our blogs. This is not the page for that, but you should be able to do that other places on our web site. We leave it to you to find the right place, but it should be fairly obvious from our buttons.


  • You might want to post a testimonial about something you like about Connections. We suggest that you use our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to do that. But if you want to say something nice about us here, that’s fine, too. And we will appreciate it.


  • Finally, you might want to complain about something that you think we could do better. We hope that you will feel free to talk to us directly, but if you are shy, we’ll be happy to enter a conversation with you on line.

Or, talk to us about anything else that comes to mind. We promise to respond. Please let us have your name and email address so that we may communicate with you.


Donna Weis

Owner, manager, barista, baker, etc.

Phone: 832-444-4523

Address: 5313 FM 2100
Crosby, TX 77532